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ah tagging (somehow i only just noticed this)

1. Apple or banana?
   well i guess i'd pick bannana because there easier to eat than apples (also most of the apple usually gets binned)

2. Tv or Film?
   well films usually feel better to watch but theres more variaty on tv like... uhh ..... nevermind, Films because there the best by a long shot

3. If this is the answer, what is the question? -> brick
   what do you throw at the guy who tagged

4. How much wood could a Woodchuck chuck, if a Woodchuck could chuck wood?
   Chuck Norris

5. Why do we live in a society that has to question the motives of a chicken if they decide to cross the road?
   because if the chicken gets run over than its would be kinda hard to eat it (gotta keep that meat fresh)

6. Think of a good movie plot...what is it?
   in order to think of more than 3 lines it would take my brain 12 moths to do so ill give you my progress
    good wasn't it

7. If I have 3 oranges and 2 pears, what is the mass of the sun?
   well if you had 3 oranges and 2 pears then you're on your way to a fruit sallad but uhh the mass of the sun huh hmm i know this (checks google) 1.9891 × 1030 kilograms i totaly knew that

8. Does it matter that aliens don't like hats or purple?
   aliens can't wear hats when their heads are crushed under my foot

9. What is the best video game in existence (ANY or retro)?
   well at the moment crysis 2 is but i bet as soon as crysis 3 comes out ill change my mind

10. Would you? (that is the full question)
    . beat midgets with a plastic hamster wilst ridding on a unicycle... no thats a stupid question

well thats jezzerz219's tagging but ...  and now another one yay ( :'( )

1.Where do you get off?
   usually the moon titan

2.What do you drink the most?
   fanta fruit twist (i think my blood would be fanta by now)

3.Favorite game at the moment?
CRYSIS 2 yea repeat quiestion thingy :'(

4.What would you do to prove yourself as the hero you are?
  teraform a Kepler-22b that shit would be boss

5.Any good bands/groups you've been listening to?
   uhh rubber bands but they don't make much noise

6.Think fast!
  okay then

7.If you had a mystical relic from your ancestors, what would it do?
   find the secret behind it and enjoy what i get from it (hopefully imortality)

8.How would you describe the person you look up to the most?
   completly white (oh thats my celling)
   uhh i guess i look up to someone like smaller than me by quite a bit, very timmid exept from when there angry... uhh theres probably more but my head hurts....

9.Do you listen to your conscience?

10.Ninja attack! What do you do?!
   announce im a black belt at harry-carry *breaks own neck

thats darkavenger95uk's taggings

AND NOW (MWAH HA HA HA) MY TAGGS ad list of things to write down

1. what is the best letter of the alphabet, and why?
2. how many times have you throw you alarm clock to the farthest wall?
3. when was the last time you felt so happy?
4. how many dragons did you slay on you're way to education/work?
5. if you were eternal what would you spend you're time doing??
6. how many ninjas are hidding in you're room?
6. what's the strongest thing you think you could kill with you bare hands?
7. what's you're favorite ellement and why?
8. when was the last time you slept for more than eight hours?
9. if you were female what would you do?
10. if you had one wish what would it be?

darkavenger95uk, Sakrathar, ninjabus, Jezzerz219 i choose you (to answer my questions)

if you do not comply then 12, 8 ft high nano type mechs will come to you house and crush you.

(this whole things took 50 minuites so :( )

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